Bungy Jump challenge courage in Phuket Thailand

You already know too much of a tourist paradise of Thailand, you‘re looking for something new here. Why not try jumping Bungy Jump when you come here, surely will be very interesting and extremely memorable.


Bungy Jump was named an extreme adventure games are very popular attraction in Phuket and Thailand many tourists eager to join. This game requires you to have a spirit of steel and courage, adventure favorite. Because you will have direct and free-fall jump from a height of over 100m.

Guests participating in this adventure game can be assured because it was insured. However you must consider carefully before deciding to join, because you will not get a refund if the ticket purchased. So get well prepared before you buy tickets offline. Because it is not cheap.


Price once danced with DVD image, merit to the brave”, and t-shirts gifts 2500 Baht (about 1.5 million VND). He briefly jumping guide: First straight, arms horizontal book, do not look down, and as he left the podium is important to jump right to the body fall” (free fall) and not “jump” (jump to foot bone). You can select single jump (jump menu) or tandem (double jump).

Before the jump you will get specific guidance staff rules and how to jump safely. But almost as tall and up to jump down on your head have become empty and fully implemented in the unconscious. But do not worry as this because you still have a seat belt system.


Interestingly, when choosing jump Bungy Jump in Phuket‘s beautiful natural scenery below always bring more inspiration to visitors in Thailand. More specifically, any visitor to join this adventure game was also awarded the “brave” demonstrating your courage before this hardship.

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